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Our mission is to help companies make better people choices and help people to make better career choices.

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Our Game-Based Assessments are grounded in validated models of intelligence, personality and cognitive neuroscience and use real behaviours to create a psychometric profile. We follow the strict standards of the British Psychological Society and all of our research is reviewed by independent subject matter experts.

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Company Overview

Arctic Shores is a global provider of Game-Based Assessments that deliver meaningful, job relevant insights about people. We work with our clients to produce reliable, data-driven, objective screening of candidates so they can improve the quality and diversity of hires, whilst contributing to an improved ROI.

Our mission is to help companies make better people choices and help people to make better career choices.

Our Values


Arctic Shores

We value a mix of skills, personalities, experiences and perspectives.

Inclusion and Fairness at Work

Arctic Shores

We aim to promote an inclusive environment to enable people to be themselves at work.


Arctic Shores

We strongly believe that teamwork and concern for others are key for success.

We have assessed over 250,000 applicants since 2014 and are helping companies in 34 different countries differentiate their hiring process, raise brand awareness, engage prospective talent, and make fair and objective selection decisions. We work with clients across a wide range of industry sectors from finance and consulting to retail and infrastructure. Whatever your needs, we have a solution for you.

What We Do

At Arctic Shores, we specialise in gamified psychometric assessments. The assessments are developed by our dedicated team of psychologists, scientists, software developers and graphic designers. By combining psychometric assessments with predictive analytics and AI technology, we provide our clients with a powerful tool to complement human intuition in the hiring process. We like to look past the resume and focus on talent potential rather than experience, privilege or seniority.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation


Our range of assessments measure elements of cognitive ability, personality, aptitude and emotional intelligence and can be customised to your desired job fit, whilst providing an immersive and engaging candidate environment. We capture real decisions and behaviours as candidates respond spontaneously to simple and engaging tasks, meaning we can observe real behavioural preferences in action. In addition to recruitment and selection, our game-based assessments can also be used for personal and career development. This, combined with our DataHub, our all-in-one candidate management, analytics and feedback portal provides you with everything you need to revolutionise your recruitment process.

We Offer Solutions For:

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