Adecco Group Case Study

By July 2, 2018Company News

The Adecco Groups’ ‘CEO for One Month’ programme offers candidates a unique opportunity to take on the role of CEO at country-level before being shortlisted for a spot working under the direct supervision of the Adecco Group’s Global CEO.

The Challenge:

The Adecco Group wanted to improve the quality of the candidates who make it to the later assessment centre stage. They also wanted to improve candidate experience and support diversity goals, whilst promoting an innovative brand image. Using a game-based assessment allowed the Adecco Group to sift through high volumes of applicants in an efficient, accurate and unbiased manner.

The Solution:

Our Business Psychologists built a model of high performance for the role, known as a fit profile by understanding Adecco’s goals, challenges and requirements. The analysis involved interviews with key stakeholders in the campaign and, importantly, last year’s winner. Candidates completed our game-based assessment, Cosmic Cadet that is driven by advances in cognitive neuroscience. Their results were compared against the profile and they were ranked on their level of fit for the job.

The Results:

Of the 13,549 applicants, 200 were selected to complete Cosmic Cadet. 63 successful candidates displayed the required level of fit and went on to demonstrate their high calibre at an Experience Work Day at Adecco’s Italian Headquarters.

Sara Pennacchio, Assessment Design Manager, had the following to say about Adecco’s experience with Arctic Shores:

“As a global leader in the HR business, The Adecco Group selects the best and newest tools the market can provide in order to offer the best selection experience to it’s candidates. For this reason, we were excited to use game technology for the very first year in a project that is very important for us as a group.

We appreciated the attention in which the stakeholder interviews were conducted and the accuracy of the resulting fit profile. Our candidates reported a very positive experience of the whole process and we enjoyed the easiness of the platform and the innovative image that this brand-new tool helped us convey.”

In terms of the candidate experience:

  • 89% enjoyed the selection process
  • 74% felt less anxiety
  • 81% felt more excited to work for Adecco

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