Verbal Reasoning

Our verbal reasoning tasks measure your candidates’ ability to see, understand and interpret certain patterns in written information. They’ll receive text passages, each paired with a number of statements, before being asked to establish whether the statements are true, false, or inconclusive.

Abstract Reasoning

This assessment measures candidates’ ability to analyse information, detect patterns and relationships, and solve complex problems. We’ll present them with a number of incomplete patterns, and ask them to choose which option represents the next logical step.

Numerical Reasoning

Our numerical reasoning assessments measure candidates’ ability to understand, interpret and draw logical conclusions from numbers. Your candidates will be asked to answer a series of questions based on a range of charts, graphs and tables they’re given.


This assessment measures basic maths capability and pattern recognition. We’ll present your candidates with an incomplete numerical sequence, and they’ll be asked to fill in the blanks – firstly by identifying the pattern, and then calculating the correct element that’s missing.

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