Arctic Shores to partner with UK-wide charity, Career Ready

By July 3, 2018Company News

In a government report highlighting the difference in social mobility across the nation, Britain was recently referred to as a ‘stark postcode lottery’. Young people in disadvantaged areas face barriers to further education, training and employment in comparison to their counterparts in more affluent towns and cities.

In a socially mobile society, everyone has the opportunity to create a good life for themselves. Unfortunately, in Britain today, the area in which you were brought up, can have a massive impact on your future and for young people, this link is getting stronger.

According to David Sproul, senior partner and chief executive of Deloitte North West Europe, it is up to businesses to improve social mobility for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Arctic Shores are pleased to announce that we have partnered up with Career Ready, a UK-wide organisation which helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds prepare for successful and rewarding careers. By connecting young people with volunteers from the world of business, they develop the skills, confidence and experience to compete with their wealthier peers and reach their potential.

Career Ready work with over 700 employers across the UK to provide young people aged 14-18 with mentoring, internships, work placements and masterclasses on the skills needed for career success.

There are a range of industries and companies that the students can work with – often within finance and STEM sectors. Across these fields, there is a shortage in skills and one of the key routes for tacking this problem is through schools and sixth-form colleges. By combining education in schools with a work placement, students can learn more about the ‘real life’ applications of STEM specific knowledge, as well as developing softer skills, like problem solving and self-confidence.

These job-relevant traits can be measured alongside personality and cognitive abilities via psychometric testing. Arctic Shores provide a revolutionary psychometric testing platform in the form of a game-based assessment, which is not only extremely engaging but also highly accurate. Candidates become immersed in the game which gathers up to 12,000 psychometric data points per candidate. These data points are then analysed against company competencies and the output of a thorough job analysis conducted by Arctic Shores Business Psychologists.

The cutting-edge technology behind our assessments also harnesses the potential to dramatically reduce bias in the hiring process. There is no opportunity for a hiring manager to display unconscious bias towards minority groups, and the candidates’ responses cannot be subject to a self-report bias. Young people, particularly school leavers, often lack the experience and context to be able to accurately present themselves in traditional assessments, says our CEO and co-founder, Robert Newry.

“Every school leaver should be prepared for the world of work, their aspirations not limited by background” says Career Ready’s COO Mark Smith. Our role with Career Ready aims to facilitate this preparation. By inviting students to take part in our game-based assessment during week one of their internship, they will be able to better understand themselves. All students will instantly receive a Candidate Report highlighting their natural behavioural preferences, while both their mentor and internship supervisor will receive a Manager Report which can be used for development purposes during and after the internship. We will also be generating additional materials that will further support mentors and students in using the wealth of psychometric information in their work together throughout the incoming months.

This summer, 97 students will take part in internships with Citi thanks to the amazing work of their charity – Citi Foundation – and the ‘Pathways to Progress’ initiative. Each student will have a different role at Citi, as well as their own supervisor. Next year we’re hoping to work with 1,500 students across the UK and contribute to the structure of the programme even more.

Our team at Arctic Shores is really looking forward to working with the students and helping them on their journey to get ‘career ready’.

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