Candidate Support

Please read carefully before accessing the application.

How will I be assessed?

Data points. Our assessment using game technology and behavioural tasks, collects over 3,000 data points from the way in which you approach and decide to address each task across different levels. The best strategy is to be yourself and let the assessment capture the unique way you apply yourself to each of the tasks. This information is used to determine your profile on certain job-relevant characteristics. The results from the assessment are used alongside the additional information provided as part of the application to develop a multi-faceted indicator of your suitability for the role.

Do I need to be familiar with mobile games in general to complete the assessment successfully?

Nope. No special ability, skill or knowledge is required to be able to successfully complete the behaviour-based assessment. We use a graphical interface to collect the data, rather than a sophisticated gaming environment. Each task has been carefully designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Extensive testing has confirmed no measurable difference in performance between frequent video-gamers and first-time users.

Do I need to practice?

Nope. Our assessments are behavioural tasks, using game technology. They are psychometric assessments in an engaging format. However, for candidates to be reassured and become familiar with the mechanics and how to navigate the app, we offer access to a practice app called Trial App, that can be accessed when you are invited to take the real assessment:

Can anyone 'beat' the assessment?

Nope. Unlike games designed for entertainment, where familiarity with the game mechanic and layout improves performance, assessments using game technology are designed to capture behaviours and natural tendencies. There is no strategy that will help you achieve a particular performance level.

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