Arcadis saves 100 sifting days, hitting "impeccable" heights for grad calibre

See how we helped Arcadis on their way to a process that captured the right graduate talent, quickly and inclusively.
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Arcadis’ results:


days saved in sifting time


of candidates sifted out by our assessment


of hires were female

Meet Arcadis:

Arcadis is one of the world’s leading design and consultancy firms. Each of their 28,000 employees, across 70 countries, is bound by their core vision: to improve quality of life. We’re helping them find the right UK grads to do it.




Engineering & Professional Services

Their Challenges

Arcadis came to us with four distinct challenges:


Candidate calibre

In short, the team knew they weren’t finding the talent they needed to bring their vision to life. This meant finding a way to more accurately identify which graduates had the right attitude and skills to thrive at Arcadis. 

This was particularly important as the company put a new ‘rotational’ scheme in place, where every grad would learn the ropes in multiple business units, not just one.

Employer brand

Too often, candidates would tell the team that “this was the first time I’ve heard of Arcadis”. So the company was rarely, if ever, the go-to for grads eager to work in the sector. This often meant losing out on top talent to competitors.

Arcadis needed to transform this image, with a new hiring process that screamed innovative and engaging. They needed to excite their candidates for the first time.


Efficient Applicant Screening

Another challenge Arcadis faced was, frankly, time. The team, prior to partnering with Arctic Shores, would spend long periods poring over every CV manually, adding weeks to their sift. They needed a more efficient process, to free up their time and accelerate their hiring.


Fairness & diversity

As with many organisations in the design & engineering space, attracting female talent was a challenge. 

The team wanted a fairer, more objective way to hire, which would see it draw from a broader talent pool and result in more female hires especially.


The Solution

Smarter, more predictive sifting

By using our psychometric assessment early in their process (between the application and AC stage), Arcadis quickly identified the 8% of candidates with the necessary talent to progress. Gone was the long-winded sift, saving over 100 days. All with no adverse impact.

Those progressed also showed a far higher standard, with AC and interview conversion rates of 67% and 79% respectively. In their words, they went from making do with lower-quality hires to “hand-picking the best candidates out of a great bunch”. Not bad. 


Being the best, by engaging the best

Our solution gave them the pick of the bunch because it helped keep them engaged. By using our behaviour-based assessment, the team found that:

  • 85% of candidates saw Arcadis in a better light
  • 83% felt more excited to work for them
  • 99% of those who started the assessment completed it.

But it’s not just the data that’s compelling. Here’s what some of their candidates said:

“It was a fun method of assessment, which has made me more eager to work for Arcadis.”

“I believe this is a very modern approach to hiring new employees. I think it shows the company’s ability to adapt to a new culture.”


Tapping talent from a new source

As competitors in the industry continue to struggle with diversity, Arcadis used our assessment to ensure a fair, consistent process. They were able to strip out bias, resulting in 42% of their eventual hires being female – far beyond the sector’s average.

On the journey Arcadis has made alongside Arctic Shores, Kerry Sneddon, Early Years Programme Manager at Arcadis, said:


“The quality of the candidates is impeccable, while the behaviour-based assessment is also assisting us in terms of ethnic minority and gender diversity. I think the beauty of the assessment is that no-one is excluded.”


We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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