Kantar’s results:


AC conversion rate for one division


of candidates enjoyed assessment


saved in assessment costs alone

Meet Kantar:

Kantar is one of the world’s top research and consultancy firms. We share their keen focus on giving companies the actionable insights they need to make real change. Kantar employs 30,000 people across 100 countries.





Market research

Their Challenges


The world of marketing, and market research by extension, is changing. In 2018, Kantar needed to adapt as new technology altered the market. The team were reviewing ways to innovate and future-proof, across the business, to stay at the industry’s summit. 

This meant making its hiring more efficient. Unimpressed by low assessment-to-hire ratios, they knew they needed a more cost-effective way to predict which candidates would fit right in.



The team knew that efficiency alone wouldn’t be enough to maintain Kantar’s lead in an increasingly tech-driven sector. Their grad scheme, they realised, was a vehicle for them to drive cultural change that would set them up for a bright future. 

But it needed to be more inclusive. Hampered by high drop out rates for both female and minority ethnic candidates at the assessment stage, Kantar sought an assessment experience that truly catered for the many, not just the few.


Candidate experience

An innovative company needs an innovative candidate experience. Kantar saw that its push to be seen as a tech leader wasn’t being reflected in how it assessed those gunning for its grad scheme. It needed a process that truly engaged graduates, who it hoped would continue to bring fresh, exciting perspectives into the company. 

A new approach was needed that made these grads want to work for Kantar.
Nothing less would do.


The Solution

Building understanding with
stakeholder workshops

First, we needed to dig deeper into Kantar’s vision for the future, and it’s strategy for getting there. So we arranged a workshop with their internal visionaries from multiple divisions. 

This, alongside our business psychologists’ job analysis work, gave us a strong indication of the behaviours Kantar would need from its graduate hires.


A consistent definition of success with a
bespoke Fit Profile

This work allowed us to build a Fit Profile, unique to Kantar’s grad scheme. It meant that all candidates would be assessed on their ability to immediately contribute, while also being aligned to this new culture in the medium-term. 

By giving them a consistent benchmark of what ‘good’ would look like for them, the fit profile supported Kantar in two ways:


  • Made it easier to predict the right hires, contributing to much higher conversion rates (up to 100% for one division) and £13,000 in saved costs.
  • Every candidate was assessed consistently against the same framework for excellence, meaning a fair opportunity for everyone. This led to a 7% increase in hires from ethnic minority groups.


Best-in-class experience with our behaviour-based assessment

Not only were candidates invited to an entirely fair assessment, but 91% of them also enjoyed it! Using our behaviour-based assessment, which substitutes statements for engaging, intuitive tasks, Kantar’s candidates could respond authentically and without stress. 

This also helped to convey Kantar’s increasingly tech-driven, innovative brand – consistent with their original cultural goals.


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