Celebrating International Day of Charity with Career Ready

By September 5, 2018Company News

Today marks the 6th annual International Day of Charity – a day declared by the UN in 2012 to commemorate the anniversary of the passing of Mother Teresa and to raise awareness of charity-related activity across the globe.

Earlier this year, Arctic Shores partnered with Career Ready, a UK-wide organisation that aims to better prepare young people for the working world by providing internships and mentoring schemes.

Youth Index 2018 research revealed that 29% of young people felt that getting relevant work experience is the biggest challenge to pursuing a career; while those from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have the least access to career support, typically report lower levels of confidence about their future.

Mark Smith, Chief Operating Officer at Career Ready explains: “Helping young people understand their potential is vital; that is why we strive to work against stereotypes, barriers, doubts and fears in the recruitment process. If we want to live and work in a genuinely diverse and inclusive world, we need to instill confidence in today’s young job seekers. We are proud to work with Arctic Shores to make this possible through their innovative assessments.”

During the programme, each student is also assigned their own mentor for a 12 month period to prepare them before, and continue development after, their internship. Beverley Webster of Malaczynski Burn and Career Ready mentor says: “If we can just encourage a millimetre of a shift in attitude in our students and their aspirations, it can grow exponentially into opening up opportunities they’ve never dreamed of.”

As part of our involvement with Career Ready, we ran Skyrise City – one of our digital, game-based assessments – with 88 school students who were completing paid internships with CitiBank in London. Upon completion of the digital assessment, students were given a candidate report which highlighted their personality and cognitive strengths. These were also linked to types of workplace opportunities which would suit them for a future career.

Feedback from the students on the Arctic Shores approach and results was overwhelmingly positive. Alex Jay, one of Career Ready’s interns, described his experience with our assessment: “It gave me a proper look into what my professional strengths are, which was really interesting. My supervisor was then able to use these insights to tailor work to my strengths so my internship was more valuable. It also didn’t feel like an assessment, and I found it fun, yet challenging!”

Our Managing Director and Co-Founder, Robert Newry, describes our partnership with Career Ready as “a great example of how Arctic Shores work with a broad range of organisations to achieve our mission: to help companies make better people choices and people better career choices. 

“Many young people struggle to identify the career best suited to their particular strengths and motivations, so combining the incredible mentoring programme from Career Ready with the insights from our platform, thousands of young people will be better prepared for their career journey.”

Our partnership with Career Ready began in July 2018 in London and will expand over the next 12 months across the country.

This article was written by Marketing Coordinator, Lynsey Niven 

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