Our games can be found on the Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores, and on a mobile device we recommend that you download our games from there.

Skyrise City for Windows desktop and Mac OS can be downloaded using the links below.

We also provide a link to download an APK file for Android, as an alternative to the Google Play store. Note: you will need to enable the “allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option on your device to install from the APK.


Skyrise City

Download Skyrise City on the App Store

Download Skyrise City on Google Play

Download Skyrise City for Windows

Download Skyrise City for Mac OS

Download Skyrise City APK for Android

Cosmic Cadet

Download Cosmic Cadet on the App Store

Download Cosmic Cadet on Google Play

Download Cosmic Cadet APK for Android

Yellow Hook Reef

Download Yellow Hook Reef on the App Store

Download Yellow Hook Reef on Google Play

Download Yellow Hook Reef APK for Android

Pinnacle Valley

Download Pinnacle Valley on the App Store

Download Pinnacle Valley on Google Play

Download Pinnacle Valley APK for Android

Firefly Freedom

Download Firefly Freedom on the App Store

Download Firefly Freedom on Google Play

Download Firefly Freedom APK for Android

GB Psych

Download KPMG Ready on the App Store

Download KPMG Ready on Google Play

Download GB Psych for Windows

Download GB Psych for Mac OS

Download GB Psych APK for Android