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Fit to a T

Your company, culture and job requirements are unique, so why settle for a generic talent selection or talent development approach? Our team of experienced in-house business psychologists configure and optimise our solution to fit YOUR specific needs.

Look beyond the CV

Traditional information supplied as part of an application, such as a CV and academic qualifications, are outdated and lack predictive validity. Behaviour-based assessments introduce more relevant and objective data into your selection decisions. They attract a more diverse applicant pool and screen candidates against a validated target profile to ensure that they have the attributes relevant to in-role performance.

Dig a little deeper

By providing an engaging and immersive environment through our app-like interface, individuals forget that they are being assessed, enabling us to capture real behaviours as they spontaneously and authentically respond to various challenges.

This allows us to objectively measure how individuals naturally approach problems and react to changes in requirements, risk and uncertainty – traits that directly correspond to behaviours in the workplace. The result is a data-rich, predictive and inclusive assessment tool, that effectively measures an individual’s fit for a specific role.

Why our assessments?

We combine neuroscience, AI and game technology to help organisations identify talent in the most engaging and data-driven way.


Gather up to 12,000 data points and valuable insights about an individual’s personality and cognitive traits.

Hiring Efficiency

Reduce time and cost to hire whilst increasing the calibre of candidates.

Higher Retention

Due to our bespoke algorithms developed for your business, candidates have an improved fit with your culture and role.

Employer Brand

85% of applicants say they are more excited to work for the employer after completing our assessment.

Better Candidate Experience

81% of candidates felt more relaxed when completing our assessment compared to traditional psychometric tests.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our selection screening algorithms are tested for any adverse impact, thereby improving diversity.

Not Your Average Assessment

We combine neuroscience, AI and game technology to generate data-driven people insights.

Step 1

Current employees complete our assessments and partake in workshops and interviews.

Step 2

Our in-house business psychologists analyse the data to discover ‘what great looks like’ for a specific role.

Step 3

We create bespoke algorithms to measure the traits important to your organisation and role.

Step 4

Candidates complete our assessment and are given an instant feedback report.

We offer solutions for

We offer bespoke solutions for your hiring and development needs, no matter the level of seniority, volume of applicants and industry.

In addition, we offer several custom options of our assessment ranging from branded reports to a completely branded in-app experience. Find out more on our customisation options here or request a demo below.

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