FDM Group Case Study

By June 1, 2018Company News

The Challenge: 

FDM Group wanted to adopt a more innovative approach to their graduate recruitment process with the objective of obtaining ‘better fit’ candidates, broadening their talent pool, and providing a better experience at the assessment centre. They wanted to have a predictive and cost-effective process due to the high number of vacancies and applications.

The Solution: 

As part of their new innovative approach, FDM Group decided to implement the verbal reasoning level from Arctic Shores’ ‘Yellow Hook Reef‘ – a gamified aptitude test – alongside existing aptitude tests. The verbal reasoning level assesses a candidates ability to comprehend and reason using concepts expressed through words. Candidates are instructed to read passages and answer a series of questions about them in a multiple-choice format.

Yellow Hook Reef was implemented in FDM Group’s assessment centres in London, Glasgow, and Leeds. Over 12 months, an excess of 4000 candidates completed the gamified assessment. The aim was to discover if Yellow Hook Reef could predict performance at assessment centres more accurately than existing tests.

Our analysis discovered that:

  • Yellow Hook Reef’s verbal reasoning was more accurate than other tests combined at predictive high scores at both interview and offer stages (cut off at the 50th percentile). There was no adverse impact.
  • 40% of the candidates who scored poorly in the interview could have been ‘sifted out’ by Yellow Hook Reef earlier in the process.
  • The set theory and maths tests were so closely related that they were measuring the same criteria. Therefore it was inefficient to ask candidates to complete both.

The Results:

Following our analysis, FDM Group decided to review their process further with the aim of replacing their maths and set theory test with our ‘Skyrise City‘ numerical reasoning. This gamified assessment tests a candidate’s ability to comprehend, interpret and draw conclusions from numerical information.

FDM Group’s current graduates completed the Skyrise City numerical reasoning. This showed:

  • 90% of individuals that obtained an overall ‘merit’ or distinction in their FDM training exams scored above the 50th percentile in Skyrise City.
  • Those who scored below ‘merit’ or failed the exams, were below the 50th percentile.

As a result, FDM Group have now replaced the maths and set theory tests with Skyrise City numerical reasoning which was more predictive and reduced assessment time by 90 minutes. FDM are continuing to work with Arctic Shores to gather information about the behaviours that predict success in their graduate roles with the objective of designing a predictive, behavioural fit profile in the future.

If you would like to improve your hiring process you can request a demo for any of our game based assessments or send an enquiry to info@arcticshores.com

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