Gowling WLG Case Study

By June 5, 2018Company News

The Challenge:

Gowling wanted to make their recruitment process more innovative to provide a realistic job preview and stand out from competitors.

The Solution: 

We implemented our game-based assessment following the development of a bespoke ‘Fit Profile’ for Gowling that measures applicants against the behaviours important for success. We also developed a unique situational judgment test and an immersive and digital ‘day in the life’ assessment day which was powered by new technology.

The Results: 

As well as offering a more engaging and innovative process, the results also included:

  • A 20% increase in the number of offers after the assessment centre due to the a higher calibre of candidates from earlier stages.
  • A more cost-effective and efficient hiring process as a result of digital screening and more meaningful data.
  • 85% of candidates reporting that they enjoyed the process and had a better perception of Gowling as a brand.

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