The State of Neuroscience & Innovative Measurement: A paper co-authored by Arctic Shores & Korn Ferry Institute


Our psychometric assessments are underpinned by neuroscience. So, we know a thing or two about its practical impact on your talent acquisition strategy! But the fact remains that this is hardly common knowledge. For many, the true possibilities (and obstacles) of neuroscientific advancement are unclear.

This lack of clarity can cause outsized expectations. When taken alongside the widespread hope for a silver bullet to HR’s challenges, test providers can capitalise on this demand by invoking the term “neuroscience”. Much like AI, this can give very traditional products an unwarranted sense of innovation.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Korn Ferry Institute, to develop a paper that:

  • Outlines how neuroscience can help you assess more rapidly, intelligently and effectively.
  • Clarifies the obstacles holding up neuroscience’s wider practical use.
  • Heightens your awareness of the “marketing sizzle” surrounding neuroscience.

Follow the link here to download either the full paper – co-authored by our very own Huw Williams and the Korn Ferry Institute’s James Lewis – or, alternatively, a streamlined executive summary.

In any case, we hope these resources help you make the most of neuroscience advancements in your future talent strategy, while also avoiding some of the pitfalls.

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