Australian Government: Department of Human Services

The department collaborated with our channel partner Chandler Macleod to deliver end to end recruitment and assessment services to select graduates likely to be future leaders.

The Objective

With just under 3,000 applicants, the Department wanted to ensure that the recruitment process was rigorous and cost effective. 

The Solution

Chandler Macleod introduced our assessment as part of the initial screening process and provided training on how to use the tool.

Upfront analysis was carried out to determine what good looks like for the Department. By conducting stakeholder workshops and interviews, as well as asking current employees to complete the assessment, we were able to determine what personality and cognitive traits made a successful graduate.

This profile was then used to benchmark and screen the 3,000 applicants.

The Results

As well as 43% reduction in assessment costs, the Department also benefited from having behavioural assessment data at earlier stages of
the recruitment process. In the previous year, this information was only gleaned prior to assessment centres but having the data earlier on provided greater predictive validity at this stage.

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