Cisco Spain

Like us, Cisco Spain understand the importance of data-driven recruitment.

The Challenge

Cisco Spain launched “Becas Digitaliza”, a programme designed to upskill 18-35 year olds within technological roles, as well as offering job opportunities. With a focus on programme completion, Cisco asked Arctic Shores to configure an algorithm that could accurately select individuals who were more likely to perform well.

The Solution

Arctic Shores investigated which personality and cognitive traits were most relevant to overcoming challenges an individual would experience on the Becas Digitaliza course. Cisco then selected applicants based on a “fit score” that represents an applicant’s alignment with the key traits.

The Results

The Becas Digitaliza course completion and pass rates were 70% and 46% respectively, compared to the Cisco Networking Academies average of 51% and 18%. 65% of Becas Digitaliza students who applied for jobs offered by the Cisco Ecosystem of customers & partners were interviewed.

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