City of Utrecht

With our partner eelloo, the City of Utrecht created a positive candidate experience for their civil servant roles.

The Challenge

“The new generation of employees works differently, thinks differently and has different needs,” explained Jan Willem de Boer from the Municipality of Utrecht. “We wanted to recruit and select in a way that reflects this change.”

The City drew up core competencies for their “civil servant 3.0” profile that included results orientated; self-critical; connecting and innovative. With our partner eelloo, the City developed a selection portal for candidates to display their unique talents. But how did they find the right people in a pool of over 700 candidates?

The Solution

Our assessment measured 12 core qualities deemed important for success in the role. Based on how candidates ranked against these qualities, they were then progressed to the next stage of the process.

The Results

The City was delighted with their partnership with eelloo and the use of the Arctic Shores assessment. “We received positive responses, even from candidates who were unsuccessful. Not only did they gain self-knowledge, but they had a good experience with the Municipality of Utrecht. Through the use of the assessment, the city now has hundreds of ambassadors.”

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