Thales wanted a solution that would allow them to sift CVs in a timely, fair and unbiased manner.

The Challenge

The Thales Graduate recruitment process was laborious, lengthy and expensive. With over 2,500 applications across early careers, the team simply did not have the manpower to manually sift candidate CVs in a timely, fair and unbiased manner.

The conversion rates from assessment centre to offer ranged from 0 – 25%.

The Solution

Arctic Shores reinvented the Thales Graduate recruitment process by using their gamified assessment at the start of the process.

This was followed by an specifically tailored telephone interview guide, followed by an ‘escape room’ style interactive assessment centre.

The Results

  • Candidate experience increased with 90% enjoying the process
  • Diversity increased throughout the process due to the unbiased nature of the Arctic Shores assessment
  • Conversion rates from the assessment centre to offer doubled for some streams

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