Our Solution

Your company and job roles are unique, that's why we always configure and optimise our solution to meet your specific needs.

Working with Arctic Shores

Your company and job roles are unique, that’s why we always configure and optimise our solution to meet your specific needs.

The Science

Find the Right Fit

Our psychologists analyse your company culture as well as high performance in the role in order to configure a target fit profile. We follow a widely researched formula whereby workplace behaviour is the product of what an individual can do (ability) and how they do it (style). The result is a fair, reliable and predictive ‘fit score’ that reflects an applicant’s suitability for the role based on the attributes important to you.


Our occupational psychologists create a target fit profile for the role.


The GBA captures over 5,000 data points to determine an applicant’s suitability.


Applicants are ranked and selected based on a single unbiased fit score.

Improve Hiring Efficiency

Arctic Shores Hiring Efficiency

Enhance Brand Value

Arctic Shores - Psychometric Gaming

Prospective employees tend to be highly engaged with your brand but the majority will not make it through the selection process. We empower your brand by providing a market leading candidate experience.

Give something back

Every single candidate receives instant, easily interpretable feedback.

Embed your brand

Both the in-game experience and report are fully customizable.

70% say they are more excited to work for the employer after playing a GBA.

This is exactly what modern recruitment should look like

I think it is a great tool and the biggest innovation in student recruitment for a number of years…

A truly fun and positive experience

It's completely unique and enjoyable, at times not even feeling like an assessment. Genius idea

The DataHub is really easy to use

The report was detailed and displayed very clearly