About Us

Our mission is to help companies make better people choices, and people better career choices.

We believe in

Making a positive impact

We’re passionate about making a difference and contributing to people’s careers across the world.

Doing the right thing

We have strong ethics – we choose to act with integrity, fairness and transparency.

Aiming high

We maintain high standards in our products, services and interactions with others. We learn from our mistakes and strive for excellence.

Disrupting traditional thinking

We love exploring new and better ways of doing things. We challenge old ideas and are proud to be different

Working together

Collaboration is part of our DNA. We know we achieve more when we work together, welcome different voices, and support each other.

Our CSR initiatives

It is important to us to not only support those candidates that successfully make it through to the next round after the assessment, but also to share valuable feedback with those who do not.

We want to better prepare these candidates for their next assessments and applications with information about their strengths and development areas to help guide their career choices and give them a better sense of what they could improve on for a more favourable outcome in the future.

We also work with a range of charities and not-for-profit organisations.

About Arctic Shores

Team Arctic Shores

Our candidates are one in a million

Have you ever seen one million people in one place? Unless you’re big on pilgrimages, the London Underground or Rod Stewart concerts, the answer is probably “no”. That means it’s often hard for us to gauge the scale of that number. It’s something we’ve been...

Team Arctic Shores

Working with Career Ready

Social mobility refers to the movement of individuals, groups or families between social classes, and a change in social status relative to one’s current position. In a socially mobile society, everyone has the opportunity to create a good life for themselves....

Career Ready Students

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