Psychometric assessment

There’s lots of psychometric tests. But do they all give you the information you really need, when you need it? See how our psychometric assessments differs from the stressful, easily-faked self-report tests you may have come across. Hint: we don’t ask any questions.

Cognitive assessment

Data today makes the world go round. If sluggish and costly processes are still putting your work life on spin-cycle, are you really getting all the information you need when you need it? With our cognitive assessment, you can finally, confidently say “yes”.

Pre-hire assessment

Too many hires today simply “don’t work out”. Before you know it, you’re plunged back into the choppy waters of the talent market. But, with our smart pre-hire assessments, you’ll get a clear indication that your hires suit both your role and your organisation.

Game-based assessment

With its series of interactive tasks, our assessment is (sort of) “game-based”. But that’s not to say it’s all play, no work. See how our engaging game based assessment helps you hire better by gathering thousands of data points on candidates’ work-relevant behaviour.