Make 2018 your best year ever with our top recruitment New Year’s resolutions

By December 22, 2017Industry News


It’s that time of year again! Time to reflect on the past year and begin looking ahead into 2018, and consider how we can improve ourselves and our HR practices. Here are our top HR and recruitment New Year’s resolutions for 2018.


Become more active 

Gone are the days when recruitment and selection was a one way process. Nowadays, employers need to be more proactive in the recruitment process to ensure candidate engagement and to capture the best prospective talent. In addition to this, there is an increasing need for employers to differentiate their recruitment and selection process. With unemployment rates falling, employers have to stand out from the competition to attract the best candidates.


Get lean 

With the New Year upon us, what better time to shape up your recruitment process and trim away any unnecessary fat? Are you guilty of having a super lengthy recruitment process? With top talent being hired in as little as five days, this can often do more harm than good. There is a fine balance as you don’t want to risk a bad hire, but also you don’t want high candidate drop out to lose you the best talent. You don’t want it to be your recruitment process that costs you the best candidates. Did you know that 1 in 3 candidates drop out of the application process early due to the sheer length and complexity of the process. By engaging candidates within an immersive recruitment experience, you can maximise your chances of retaining top talent. Remember, passive candidates are a thing of the past!  


Try something new

In the age of AI, big data and talent analytics, it is time to reassess your technological footprint and open your eyes to the benefits technology could bring to your recruitment strategy. You don’t want to be missing out! You need to consider the needs and demands of the recruitment market as well as keeping up with your competitors. By introducing algorithms and more objective data into your hiring process, you can ensure unconscious bias is massively reduced and ensure a better person job fit. Win-Win!


Give something back

One of the biggest HR trends for 2018 is to focus on candidate experience, with many companies seeking to treat their talent as consumers rather than as a commodity. So why not embrace this trend and not only give prospective candidates valuable feedback during the hiring process, but also give your current employees the chance to focus on their personal development.


Reinvent yourself

What better time to step away from the rest of the pack and give your best practices a shake-up? In today’s ever changing world you need to focus on what works for you rather than what everyone else is doing. Use 2018 to explore some new options in the world of recruitment and embrace an image change.


Invest in your own success

Are you looking to save money? New year is often the time to watch the pennies and tighten the purse strings. Equally though, what is important in not what money you spend but how you spend it. Not only can introducing more objective data into your hiring process enable you to make better hiring decisions and reduce the risk of bad hires, it can also offer better value for money and return on investment.


Focus on wellbeing 

Around 80% of candidates report that the recruitment process causes them stress and anxiety. By introducing gamification into the recruitment process, candidates become immersed in the game setting and 75% said they felt less anxious completing the game based assessment in comparison to traditional tests. This enables candidates to perform to the best of their abilities and maximises your chances of recruiting that top talent.


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