Siemens UK Case Study

By June 5, 2018Company News

The Challenge:

Siemens UK wanted to take a new approach to their early careers recruitment process as a result of the changing workplace and digitalisation. The team wanted to move away them relying on ability alone, and start looking at mindset and behaviours. Siemens UK wanted to improve their assessment centre pass rate, increase the number of female candidates and improve candidate ratings of the recruitment process.

The Solution:

Siemens UK chose to implement our game-based assessment ‘Cosmic Cadet’ which measures 13 different job-relevant behaviours and aspects of cognition. Our in-house team of occupational and business psychologists worked together with Siemens UK to understand what “excellent performance looks like” for each of the roles.

Existing employees also completed Cosmic Cadet and performance data was gathered to identify the behaviours that specifically predicted success and were significantly correlated with high performance. From this data, a bespoke ‘Success Profile’ was developed and utilised to sift candidates from the early stages of the process. The combination of each applicants unique qualities were measured against the profile to generate a ‘Fit Score.’

The Results:

All candidates received a comprehensive report of their strengths and development areas, and line managers had their own summary output to help with ‘probing’ questions at the interview stage.

The results exceeded the Siemens goals as:

  • Assessment centre pass rates increased from 24% – 40%
  • The number of female candidates progressing beyond the final stage doubled compared to 2016
  • 79% felt the inclusion of our game-based assessment reflected positively on the Siemens UK brand
  • 85% of candidates preferred the game-based assessment compared to traditional psychometric measures

Going forward, Siemens UK will be able to put less candidates through the assessment centres, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective process.

Find out more about the range of game-based assessments we have on offer or request a demo to see how we can improve your hiring process.

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