Skyrise City

Measures 33 personality and cognitive traits, including traits such as resilience and emotional stability, areas of personality that hard to objectively assess through self-report questionnaires.


Personal style

How an individual tends to manage their own emotions and understand how other people are feeling.


The number 1 predictor of job and training performance.


How an individual processes and uses information to perform mental operations.

Thinking style

How an individual tends to approach and appraise problems and make decisions.

Interpersonal style

An individual’s preferred approach to interacting with other people.

Delivering results

An individual’s drive to cope with challenges and finish a task through to completion.


Flexible depending on the number of traits and abilities measured.


  • Experienced Hires
  • Graduate Recruitment
  • Volume Recruitment
  • Personal Development & Career Planning
  • Languages

    English, German, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Korean, Italian and Thai Further translations of the game and reports are available on request