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Experienced Hires

Hiring the right person for your organisation is essential to achieving business objectives. Additionally, hiring the wrong person can be costly and time-consuming, and can impact your bottom line. Our psychometrics combine neuroscience tasks with game technology, measuring behaviours that are important to any role but also key workplace traits that are hard to measure in any other way such as resilience, future orientation, learning agility and innovation potential.

A CV alone won’t provide a reliable data set of how an experienced candidate will perform on the job. Our psychometrics not only provide you with information about their natural fit for the role and organisational culture, but also their areas of development and challenges they may encounter.

Improve the calibre and fit of your experienced hires by objectively assessing candidates using our behavioural psychometrics and help them recognise their leadership styles! By going beyond competencies, candidates can focus on actions they need to take across all aspects of their natural behaviours to enhance their performance.Our experienced hire tools are bespoke, can be branded, and our development reports are tailored to your company competencies. Find out more about our custom apps here.