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Volume Recruitment

Do you struggle with your high volume recruitment campaigns? Do you find it challenging to effectively sift through the mountain of contact centre applicants and suffer from high staff turnover? Are you overwhelmed by the number of applicants for your retail positions? Our behavioural assessments and resulting ‘fit score’ enables you to drill into each candidate’s natural areas of strength and potential. The assessments measure genuine behaviours, which are predictive of workplace performance.

This allows you to easily progress candidates who most closely match the traits required to succeed in the role, reducing the time spent on CV screening, and increasing the calibre of candidates you encounter at the interview stage.

Additionally, our assessments promotes better cultural fit, which contributes to improved staff turnover. Candidates will be better placed into an environment and team that suits their personality and allows them to excel in the role.

Our assessments can be customised. See our options here.