What is UNA?

UNA’s the Talent Discovery Platform – an online hiring experience where seeing potential becomes simple. Use it to create your own assessments, invite your candidates, and quickly get your hands on the insight that matters.

See potential without barriers

Forget mandatory training and months-long onboarding – UNA’s ready when you are. Simply grab your computer, and start seeing more in people. For deeper insight without delay.

Make talent discovery scalable

With UNA, your screening scales with you. Build reusable assessment templates, see your candidates’ potential at a glance, and take predictable steps at the touch of a button.

Connect all your insight

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The UNA journey

Create your assessment

Choose one of the assessment templates built by our business psychologists. Can’t see one that matches your role? Create your own in five minutes flat, with UNA Pro.

Invite your candidates

Upload candidates to your dashboard, individually or in bulk. Then, invite them to take the assessment with one click. True potential incoming.

See their fit

Get instant results delivered to your dashboard. See unique potential at a glance, your candidates by their fit. For faster, smarter screening.

Dig deeper

Click a candidate to see more. With full transparency of how they meet each of your success criteria, you won’t just know who fits – you’ll also know why.

Take action

Now put behavioural insight to work. Shortlist incredible people, and download bespoke Interview Guides at the touch of a button. For instant action, and predictable outcomes. Time and time again.

Time to see UNA in action?

You’re just a click away.

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