Adecco excites 89% of candidates with behaviour-based assessments

Discover how the HR services giant turned to Arctic Shores to keep their brightest candidates engaged in their process.
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Adecco’s results:


of candidates enjoyed the process


felt less anxious when completing the assessment


were more excited to work for Adecco Group

Meet Adecco:

The Adecco Group is one of the world’s largest human resources providers, with 35,000 employees globally. They’re passionate about making the future work for everyone, something we’re well on board with.




Human resources

Their Challenges

As part of its vision to give everyone a route to meaningful employment, the Adecco Group runs a ‘CEO for One Month Programme’. This gives candidates the opportunity to temporarily ‘become’ a country-level CEO for a month, before potentially working under the direct supervision of Adecco’s global Group CEO.

The organisation felt this was an attractive proposition. But it lacked the attractive candidate experience to match. As it increasingly puts innovation at the brand’s core, Adecco wanted a process that attracted and engaged higher-calibre candidates throughout.


The Solution 

Alleviated test anxiety

By using interactive tasks to measure candidates in a mobile-friendly interface, we were able to ease candidates’ stress, rather than increasing it. Adecco found that about three quarters of candidates felt less anxious while taking our psychometric assessment than typical self-report tests. This meant every candidate could perform at their authentic best – aligning the process with Adecco’s belief in equal opportunity.


Continuous candidate engagement

Not only was it a less stressful experience but, for 89%, it was an enjoyable one too. This positioned Adecco as one of the companies transforming how hiring – and work more broadly – gets done (again, in line with their innovative positioning). Our assessment helped reinforce their employer brand, as shown by the fact that eight in ten candidates were more excited to work for the Adecco Group after completing our assessment. 

By partnering with us and using our assessment, Adecco reached its goal of creating a more compelling, on-brand experience for its CEO for One Month candidates.


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