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Drawing on a wide body of neuroscience research, our science team builds and tests tasks that measure true human behaviour. This data lets you see how your candidates’ will naturally act and think at work – so you’ll know just who you’re hiring, before you hire them.

“Unconscious bias today leaves employers with a tough choice: hire unfairly, or lower the bar so everyone can clear it. But we’ve pledged to build a third way: offer every candidate a fair chance, without diluting the quality. Have your cake, and eat it!”

Claire Jaques

Chief Product Officer

Our science, in three questions:

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How do we develop our behavioural tasks?

Our team finds work-relevant psychological traits, before mining scientific literature to make sure our tasks measure the associated behaviours. Then, we use machine learning to turn existing data into a powerful, reliable scoring method.

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Why trust the Arctic Shores assessment?

All of our science team’s work is deeply rooted in well-established experiments. Though we carefully replicate these in a new, engaging format, we’ll always test and refine our approach to maintain our tasks’ reliability and predictive validity.

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Why measure behaviour?

Measuring behaviour with tasks has been found to reduce candidate anxiety, compared to more traditional tests. And, because we ask zero questions, our assessment is much harder to fake. So you can rely on a more genuine picture of your candidates.


The principles behind our assessment:

While our psychologists make sure our assessment is applied in the fairest way possible, our scientists keep the assessment itself fair. This means no adverse impact, regardless of ethnicity or gender. Ever.
The assessment is designed to consistently measure behavioural traits. Our team’s job is to keep it in line with BPS standards – so you can always rely on the results.
Our researchers conduct dozens of studies a year for one reason: so you can be sure our assessment does what we say it does.

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Science insights

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