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We design games-based psychometric assessments with scientific rigour that deliver objectivity, accuracy and fairness to the recruitment sector

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Arctic Shores

Our mission is to enable organisations to attract and identify the best candidates from all backgrounds in a fun and fair way.

We are a global provider of pre-job assessments that integrate gamification with psychometrics and big data analytics to provide meaningful, job relevant insights about candidates. We work with employers who want to differentiate their hiring process, raise brand awareness, engage their prospective talent and make fair and objective selection decisions. Our games-based assessments have had the greatest success in volume, apprenticeship and graduate recruitment and due to high demand we are also moving into the experienced hires market.


Candidates play our scientifically validated psychometric games on their mobile device.


Objective gameplay data is used to generate a detailed profile of their aptitude, cognitive functioning and personality traits.


Bespoke selection algorithms identify candidates with the attributes that fit your competency framework and recommend them for the next stage of the recruitment process.


Benefits of Games-Based Psychometrics

Promote an Innovative Brand

Innovative companies need to stay ahead. Take an approach that resonates with today's emerging talent.

Increase Diversity

A games-based assessment is an approachable means for candidates of all backgrounds to show if they have the attributes to be successful in your business.

Positive Candidate Experience

Low stress, high engagement and informative feedback means the selection process is enjoyable for all, even those who do not make it to the next stage.

Make Data Driven Decisions

3,000+ data points can reveal extremely subtle differences between candidates that are otherwise out of reach of personality questionnaires that are confined to a Likert scale.

Measure Real Behaviours

Actions speak louder than words. In-game challenges elicit intuitive preferences meaning candidates are assessed based on their actual behaviours and not what they say they will do.

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Arctic Shores is the proud winner of the InnovateUK Design in Innovation award 2015 and Disrupt HRTech award 2016.

“It was a fun engaging game,
I would apply for a job which had the
requirement to play this.”

- Stephanie L.