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“Arctic shores form where two seas meet. Each unique, each arriving from a different place.”

This is who we are. The product of a chance encounter, Arctic Shores exists to help businesses build teams in a better way. Our founders, frustrated by the frequent ineffectiveness in recruitment, saw the potential for tools that give everybody the opportunity to excel in the right place. Whatever their background.

Today, our technologies help hundreds of businesses around the world fight hiring bias and realise their diversity goals. All the while reducing hiring costs and minimising stress.

We’ve made good progress, but we’re still only at the start of our journey. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Make a difference
Grow together
Explore, always

We can’t change everything. But we can contribute to a world of work that’s truly fair and inclusive, and do our bit to build a better society.

Diversity & Inclusion at Arctic Shores

Here’s one of Arctic Shores’ founding principles: that everyone deserves a fair shot. That equal access to opportunity should be your right, not your fight.

And on that front, nothing’s changed. Our product (by stripping out unconscious bias) continues to keep this principle at its heart. We’re proud to see our psychometric assessments supporting fairer hiring in organisations across the world. 

But, now, we want to do more. We need to go further – beyond the product. Though we’ll never stop building the tools for a fairer working world, it’s high time we built an example of that world.


So what does that look like? 

Firstly, we need to know more than ever before. About our people, how they feel and what they need. That’s why we’re committing to hearing their feedback in our ongoing surveys – so they’ve got a safe space to be open and honest.

We’re also building a task force made up of members from all the different teams at Arctic Shores who’ll spearhead our efforts to drive positive change throughout the business and our communities. Because we want our practices and policies to be defined by our people, not dictated to them. 

These are only small steps, we know that. But they’re a symbol of a much larger commitment – to make Arctic Shores a beacon for diversity and inclusion.

You can follow our steps towards a more diverse, inclusive workplace on our insights.


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