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Early careers

Need a way to sift at high volumes? Want to open up your talent pool and improve workforce diversity while guaranteeing quality? And using an assessment that can’t be manipulated by generative AI? No problem.

From helping an emergency services team hire apprentices with a 100% pass rate while also saving 1,000 hours in Sift, to helping a professional services firm see a 100% conversion rate from their assessment centre, there’s no challenge too great for our team. 

What we offer

Outstanding candidate experience

Our tasks are mobile friendly, interactive, and 85% of candidates actually enjoy taking them. That’s why we see an above-average 91% completion rate.

Simple, scalable assessment management

Our intuitive Assessment and Hiring Campaign Manager helps you build an assessment in just a few clicks and gives you detailed insight into your candidate’s scores at a glance.

100% ChatGPT and Generative AI proof

Because we use interactive tasks not text-based questions, our assessment can’t be completed by ChatGPT. So you’re guaranteed a true view of a candidate’s potential.


Hard-to-fill roles

Have you got a technical or knowledge-based role that’s been a nightmare to fill? Maybe it’s been open for  longer than you’re comfortable with, there’s a lack of diversity in your talent pool, or there’s only a tiny section of people who have actually done the job before meaning spiralling salaries and a time-consuming unicorn hunt.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. We’ve helped the likes of Siemens shrink their time to hire from over 200 days to just 41. And every candidate in their shortlist would have been a perfect fit. And we can help you get the same results. 

What we offer

Dedicated Business Psychologists

Whether you need advice on defining the success criteria for your role or help understanding your data, our BPs won’t launch you and leave you. They’re here whenever you need them.

Tailored change management strategies

Our six step hiring for potential playbook gives you all the tools to change mindsets and implement real change –– from interview guides, to internal engagement strategies.

Measure skills for tomorrow, not just today

Cognitive ability is the greatest predictor of workplace success. We’ll help you assess cognitive ability and personality all in one unique assessment, tailored to your role.

Arctic Shores is helping forward-thinking talent acquisition teams leap light years forward

Essex County Fire & Rescue Service

High volume, high quality candidate Sift for Essex Fire & Rescue

Learn more about how we helped this emergency services team save over 1,000 hours of recruitment time and hire quality apprentices
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Reducing time to hire from 200 to 41 days for Siemens

Go under the hood with Siemens and learn how we helped them make the leap to CV-less hiring without compromising quality
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Improving diversity and candidate experience for Kantar

Find out how Kantar were able to create an engaging candidate and maximise the impact and return from assessment centres
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