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Engaging, Gen AI proof tasks that score every step

Why use tasks instead of questions? You can think of it like this: if you wanted to find out how well someone drives, would you just ask them? Or would you get them to show you? Our tasks put candidates in the driving seat giving us unparalleled insights into their actual behaviours. 

Plus, instead of just scoring their final result, many of our tasks score every step a candidate takes. Just like how you would in an interview or an exam. This means you can accurately sift at scale in a way you never would have before. Plus, our research shows this can increase the size of your talent pool by up to 20%.


Assess Personality and Workplace Intelligence

Today, Arctic Shores assesses Personality and what we call Workplace Intelligence (our answer to Aptitude). 

Measure each one in a separate assessment or combine the two –– when you measure them together, we believe you get the most holistic, accurate picture of someone’s ability to succeed in a role. 


Exceptional candidate experience

Move over boring questions. Interactive, engaging tasks are here. 

In an age where the candidate experience is critical, we do everything we can to help you create value for your candidates in exchange for them completing your assessment. 

From round-the-clock user support, to instant candidate feedback reports, plus an inclusive experience, our tasks are designed with candidates in mind

Get insight that’s easy to access and act on

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Step 2
Step 3
Step 1
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Step 3

Easily see and manage all candidate scores from within your Campaign Dashboard

Beyond the assessment

Clear reporting

See every candidate’s truest potential, clear as day, with accessible, actionable reports.

Consistent interviews

Give every candidate a fair, consistent interview experience, from one hiring manager to the next, with our Interview Guides.

Assessment Branding

Take our assessment and make it yours, by adding your brand colours, logos and corporate images.

Total Support

Our experienced Customer Success team uses real-time data to nurture and refine your process. For constant discovery.

Business Psychology as a Service (BPaaS)

Get expert support with job analysis, stakeholder workshops, ROI, campaign analytics and more.


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