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Burness Paull is a top-tier independent commercial law firm.

In April, they were named Best Early Careers Employer and also commended in the Best Diversity & Inclusion Initiative category at the S1 Recruitment Awards 2022. They are committed to equal opportunities and promoting a workplace culture where everyone can succeed.




Law Practice

Their Challenges

Burness Paull is a leading innovative commercial law firm. They have an award-winning early careers program and are pushing the boundaries regarding diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. Recognising that traditional hiring methods aren't always conducive to building a diverse workforce, Burness Paull was committed to improving its graduate recruitment program. 

With the legal profession becoming increasingly competitive, not missing out on talented candidates with potential was becoming a key priority for the business. As with all aspects of Burness Paull, they wanted to embed respect and inclusion into the heart of the recruitment process and looked to Arctic Shores to help revolutionise their approach. 


“We believe that we have a responsibility to improve access to the legal profession and hope the partnership with Arctic Shores will continue to help us do this”

Yasmin Millar-Trotter, Graduate Recruitment and Development Manager at Burness Paull LLP



The key to creating an inclusive and diverse recruitment process at Burness Paull was potential-based hiring. They implemented UNA by Arctic Shores to unlock candidates' true potential. Partnering with Arctic Shores, Burness Paull aimed to reach a wider talent pool and remove unfair bias in the recruitment process of trainee-level hires. UNA offered a revolutionary way to engage candidates and access wider talent pools. Importantly, it provides an opportunity to see the true potential of candidates at volume due to the seamless integration into pre-existing processes.


“Using Arctic Shores has allowed us to access more information to look at more than just academic ability and consider candidate potential”. 

Yasmin Millar-Trotter, Graduate Recruitment and Development Manager at Burness Paull LLP



At the start of their UNA Journey, Burness Paull managed to assess over 300 candidates using potential-based hiring. Their recruitment process for graduates has had great feedback from the candidates who have found it incredibly engaging. One commented, “I enjoyed the experience and was more engaged with the type of tests included in the programme than I had been with other online testing”. Potential-based hiring has allowed Burness Paull to access a larger talent pool.Unlocking the true potential of these candidates has increased the diversity of successful hires from their most recent campaigns.

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