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Capita’s results:


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Meet Capita:

In Capita we’ve found a kindred spirit – an outsourcing and professional services firm intent on shaping tomorrow for the better. It’s got over 60,000 employees across six divisions.




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How Arctic Shores revolutionised Capita’s candidate assessment process:

The first crucial outcome was that Arctic Shores’ behaviour-based assessment gave Capita a clear read on every candidate’s potential to succeed in their Customer Services role. By measuring every candidates’ natural strengths and unique behaviour, the team had an objective data point to find and progress the right people. They could finally see beyond the CV. 

Secondly, they could do all this at scale, and at pace. In total, Capita received a whopping 12,000 applications for their Customer Service role in 2020. “What’s amazing,” said Andrew Porter, Capita’s Group Resourcing Director, “is that 65% of the people we invited to complete the assessment did so within 24 hours”. That means deeper insight into every candidates’ potential, faster than ever. “A phenomenal result”, Andrew added.

And finally, the whole process was engaging for candidates. In fact, 93% of candidates enjoyed completing the psychometric assessment, while 88% felt it reflected positively on Capita as an employer. All this meant that Capita could find and progress the perfect people for its Customer Service role, without being hampered by early-stage drop-out.

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