Your talent is no game


Frivolous? No. Engaging? Absolutely.

We understand you’re not looking for gimmicks in your assessment. You want something that works.

That means precise, actionable data, collected in a valid and reliable way. Ideally, with an engaging, inclusive candidate experience to match.

You can tick all these boxes without engagement-killing self-report tests, however.


Gamification in talent acquisition

Our assessment, instead of this flawed, run-of-the-mill format, uses interactive, mobile-friendly interfaces to measure real candidate behaviour. Zero questions, but a dozen benefits. These include:

  • The ability to see your candidates in action, making it easier to predict their suitability and streamlining your sift process
  • An experience that 90% of candidates enjoy, making them more excited to work for you
  • Zero adverse impact. By removing the question/answer element and focusing on candidates’ behaviour, our assessment’s inclusive of all ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Yes, when compared side-by-side with the traditional self-report measures, ours will look a little different. But we also know your search for talent is no game:

  • All of our tasks are built upon established, reliable neuroscience experiments
  • Our in-house team of scientists and psychologists work tirelessly to maintain the validity and rigour of your assessment
  • Our onboarding process means an assessment tailored to your unique needs.

Personality traits measured in our game-based assessment

Our assessment measures more than 30 different traits across six groups: Agreeableness, Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Cognition, Extraversion and Neuroticism.

These break down into work-relevant behaviours, such as learning agility, creativity, resilience etc. Though our assessment will always measure these same traits, the important bit is how they’re each weighted when it comes to scoring. This is how we make sure our assessment is always tailored to your unique needs.

The difference between traditional psychometrics and a game-based assessment

The biggest difference is that, in our assessment, you’ll find precisely zero questions. Instead, they’re replaced with interactive tasks that encourage a state of “flow” – or total concentration. This makes them harder to fake, while also ensuring a stress-free and engaging candidate experience.

Another difference is that they effectively let you see how your candidates approach certain tasks, before you hire them. This goes way beyond simply asking your candidates how they might act in certain situations. In entry-level positions, they may not even know how they would act. That’s why we put them in those situations for you.

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