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What is an HRIS and do you need one?

Friday 13th May

What is an HRIS and do you need one?

What is an HRIS?

An HRIS is a human resources information system. Effectively, it’s a tech platform where HR teams can manage all their processes – from paid leave to payroll – all in one place. 

It’s also a handy place to store all your people data, like birthdays and employee genders, as well as employment info such as roles, departments  

Why use an HRIS?

  • Organisation

The HRIS industry will probably kill the filing cabinet. Seriously though, they’re great for keeping all your data in one place, so you know where to find it when you need it.

  • Compliance

Great HRIS providers keep you compliant. Whether it’s national or international legislation – like GDPR in Europe – most have been built with regulatory compliance in mind. Meaning one less thing for you to worry about.

  • Employee experience

An easy-to-use HRIS will make employees lives’ easier. Booking annual leave, finding colleagues’ contact details, easy onboarding for new hires – it all makes a difference. 

  • Data-driven HR strategy

With HRIS, there’s no excuse to base your strategy on a hunch. Not only will the right platform unlock valuable data, but it’ll also free up your time – giving you more of the stuff to work on the high-value, strategic work you love.

  • Cost savings

Data input isn’t just boring – because it takes up valuable time, it’s effectively a cost centre. That’s why, with a smart, automated HRIS, you’ll effectively save costs. Add to that how it helps you avoid steep regulatory penalties, and how it’ll likely contribute to employee retention (though a better overall experience), and the financial incentives become even more pronounced.

  • Better reporting

Ever had to present some people data – maybe to your boss, or even your CEO – and found yourself scrabbling from spreadsheet to spreadsheet? That shouldn’t be an issue with HRIS. With all the data centralised in one place, great reporting gets much easier.

Get an HRIS if…

… you’re scaling! Most of the time, you can get away with scrappy, manual processes when your business (and team) are still pretty small. But if you’re growing fast, those processes will soon be unsustainable. An HRIS can help you streamline everything, and undo any bottlenecks on your HR team’s productivity.

Where does Arctic Shores fit in?

If you’re looking for an HRIS system to keep track of all your people – make sure they’re the right people. Of course, that’s where our platform comes in! 

With UNA, the Talent Discovery Platform, see every candidate’s personality and intelligence, all in one place. So you can select for real potential, and make sure every hire that winds up in your HRIS really belongs there.

Make the right hires for your business, and keep your HRIS happy. All with UNA. Get your free demo today.

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