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See objective insight

As candidates respond to each task in our assessment, we measure their natural strengths in action. Whether it’s creativity, resilience, or a dozen others, see beyond the CV with objective behavioural insight.


Measure what matters to you

Work with us to paint a clear picture of what “good” looks like in your role, culture, or both. Then, automatically compare every candidate to that same picture, every time. So you can predict potential, consistently and accurately.


Put real insight to work

See your candidates’ natural fit in just one number, from 1-100. With that handy number, rank your candidates on their potential, and progress the incredible people you need most. For fast screening that scales with you.

Beyond the assessment:

Clear reporting

See every candidates’ truest potential, clear as day, with accessible, actionable reports.

Consistent interviews

Give every candidate a fair, consistent interview experience, from one hiring manager to the next, with our Interview Guides.

Assessment branding

Take our assessment and make it yours, by adding your brand colours, logos and even illustrations.

Total support

Our experienced Customer Success team uses real-time data to nurture and refine your process. For constant discovery.

The benefits of measuring behaviour

Icon-assessment@2x-64x64 Icon-assessment@2x-64x64
Our business psychologists get to work, reviewing everything from your website & values to your job descriptions and annual reports.
Icon-workshop@2x-64x64 Icon-workshop@2x-64x64
We get your stakeholders in a room, and discuss the behavioural traits they value most for your role, company culture, or both.
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High-performer interviews
We explore the behaviours of your top team members, uncovering what it is that sets them apart.
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Validation study
In larger teams, we’ll get existing team members to complete our assessment. So your picture of true potential is even clearer.

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