What is our behaviour-based assessment?

It’s an assessment without the questions. We’ve replaced them with interactive tasks in a mobile-friendly design. So you can see your candidates’ aptitude, cognitive ability and unique behaviour in action.

“Arctic Shores have helped us assess more than 2,500 candidates in the past 18 months. The assessment makes sure we don’t miss talented candidates, just because their CVs don’t reflect their true abilities.”

What’s in it for you?

Predict the right hires

We extract up to 12,000 data points on each candidate. So you can get to the heart of their suitability and hire with confidence.

Take back your time

By learning more, earlier, you can sift fast and save up to 26% on costs. Our assessment lets you leave
long-winded processes behind.

Engage your candidates

Nine in ten candidates find our assessment more relaxing than typical tests, while 88% are more excited to work for you afterwards.

Give every applicant a fair chance

Behavioural data is the great leveller. Our assessment, by stripping out adverse impact, presents equal opportunity for all minority groups and has
doubled female hires.

A great assessment, and more:

Actionable, user-friendly reports

From detailed manager reports to instant candidate feedback, our reporting is made with you in mind. Get the clear, valuable data you need – without the jargon.

Hard-working interviews

We’ll help keep your interviews stress-free and consistent with bespoke interview guides. Rely on them to give you the right questions at the right time, so you can make the right hires.

Complete customisation

Make our assessment your assessment, by customising its visual branding. Got a story to tell your candidates? We’ll help you tell it.

Total support

Our experienced Customer Success team uses real-time data to nurture your process. Forget painful – keep it powerful.

An onboarding journey that empowers:

Initial research

Our psychologists start understanding you by analysing online resources, like your website, job descriptions and annual reports.


We use our data to challenge your views on what “good” looks like, helping you unlock a clearer view of your hiring needs.

High-performer interviews

We probe the behaviours of your top performers, to paint a more detailed picture of your ideal hires.


In larger teams, we run validation studies to build an even clearer benchmark of success in your teams.

Making hires? Make them great.

Take your next step toward talent acquisition that works for you.

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