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AI’s role in decision-making – fresh debate on where ethics and efficiency collide

Thursday 30th November

AI’s role in decision-making – fresh debate on where ethics and efficiency collide

Siadhal Magos founded Metaview after going through an intense period of scaling at Uber. The business went from 7,000 to 15,000 people in just 24 months. And while he was highly tech-enabled in other areas of his work, hiring felt like it was lagging behind. 

Even as a hiring manager he felt the pain, inefficiency, and toil of the hiring process, and realised that TA teams must have been feeling this ten-fold. 

That’s where Metaview was born. And four years later, Generative AI exploded into the world and helped him and his team advance the much-loved service they offer recruiters by light years. And in just a few months. 

As an AI expert with a philosophical viewpoint, Siadhal joins Robert in the latest episode of the TA Disruptors podcast to dive into the big questions like…  

🔥The ethical conundrum of AI-driven decision making… If AI now exhibits Mensa-levels of reasoning capability… should it be allowed to make a hiring decision?  

⚡In a world where AI can process 25,000 to 50,000 data points at lightning speed, is the human still the alpha? 

💰Which drudgery work can AI take away and which human, recruitment skills have suddenly become worth their weight in gold? 

🛑 If a lot of instances of bias come from people taking ‘shortcuts’, is there a role for AI to intervene and actually reduce bias in the interview process?

💡How much do TA teams really need to know about AI to make good decisions about where to use it? 

If you’re wondering what AI is capable of and how it could be solving the thing that keeps your team up at night –– whether it’s hours of laborious manual processes to try and find high-quality candidates, inconsistent decision-making between hiring managers, or trying to stop your team from burning out –– this podcast is for you.

Listen or watch now and make sure you hit subscribe so you never miss an episode. 

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