Candidate feedback: Who’s got the time?


We get it.

You don’t have time for candidate feedback. Truthfully, who does? You’re already working 25/8 to get all your actual paid work done – let alone finding yet more precious seconds to dish out career tips to hundreds (maybe thousands) of graduate candidates.

Even if you found that extra time, this probably isn’t how you’d choose to spend it!

There are plenty of articles out there vilifying those hiring managers that are, frankly, just time-poor. We don’t want to add to the outcry.

You can’t give everyone feedback. But neither can you argue with the benefits of doing so. Or, should we say, the risks you run if you don’t.

CVs in the abyss

You’re not alone. It’s estimated that just 2.6% of candidates receive “specific and valuable feedback”. But how might this perma-silence come back to bite you?

Well, for context, cast your mind back to your days as an early grad. Recall how that initial wide-eyed optimism gradually disintegrated, as you scraped around for your first job.

You came to understand the horde of like-minded strivers, all vying for the same positions as you.

Optimism became panic. After a few weeks and a shock of CVs sent into the ether without response, even the most self-assured of us can start to lose it.

Now you’re gainfully employed, you might’ve repressed these memories. But you’ll understand why, for many new grads, a lack of feedback can lead to resentment. A massive research project into employer branding by PepsiCo reflects the risks of a negative recruitment experience:

  • If you hire 5,000 people annually, and receive 100 applications per role (this is below average), you’ll be rejecting 495,000 people per year.
  • If each of these tells one friend about a poor hiring process, you’ll have negatively impacted perceptions of your brand for 990,000 people.

What might be the cost to your business if just one in ten of these stopped buying your products? How might it impact future success if one in ten never wanted to apply for your open roles?

Speaking from the (automated) heart

So you don’t have time to give feedback. But you can’t really afford not to. It’s a Catch-22.

Unless you believe, as we do, that there’s a third way – automate it!

This is the only way to satisfy Gen Z graduates’ proven desire for quick feedback, whether they’re successful in their application or not. Arctic Shores provides such a solution, offering all applicants a tailored run-down of the job-relevant traits they showed when taking our pre-hire assessment.

100% “specific and valuable”, 100% of the time, with none of the hassle and none of the guilt. So candidates have one less CV out in the cold, and you can crack on with what you’re paid for.

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