Saying no to “no time”: A new approach to candidate feedback


We get it.

You don’t have time for candidate feedback. Truthfully, who does? You’re already working 25/8 to get all your paid work done – let alone finding yet more precious seconds to dish out career tips to hundreds (maybe thousands) of graduate candidates.

Even if you found that extra time, let’s be fair – this probably isn’t how you’d choose to spend it!

There are plenty of articles out there vilifying those hiring managers that are, frankly, just time-poor. We don’t want to add to the outcry.

Now, with the pandemic sending application numbers soaring to new heights, you can’t give everyone feedback. But neither can you argue with the benefits of doing so. It’s a Catch-22. And you’re not alone in facing it.

CVs in the abyss

It’s estimated that just 2.6% of candidates receive “specific and valuable feedback”. That means most employers face similar constraints, and similar problems as a result.

A lack of feedback – or any communication at all, in fact – is one thing that’ll rile up even the most placid grad. Cast your mind back to your own graduate days. Recall how the wide-eyed optimism faded with each unanswered application. We all know how much candidates invest, because we were once in that position.

So we know that the silence can be painful. And, when it comes to painful processes, we also know that candidates talk. IBM found that 60% of them will tell friends and family about their candidate experiences. This can have a big impact on your business – as a study by PepsiCo shows.

Here’s some quick maths from that study (bear with us!):

  • If you hire 500 people annually, and receive 100 applications per role (this is below average), you’ll be rejecting up to 49,500 people per year.
  • If each of these tells one friend about a poor hiring process, you’ll negatively impact perceptions of your brand for up to 99,000 people each year!

Now, imagine the lost earnings if just one in ten of those stopped buying your product or service. Consider the impact on your future talent pipeline! It’s clear that, while manually replying to every candidate isn’t feasible, that shouldn’t be the end of the conversation. In the pursuit of a candidate experience that’s truly rewarding, there has to be a feedback process that works for both employer and candidate. And we think we’ve found it.

Speaking from the (automated) heart

Unimpressed with the binary choice of either giving feedback or not, we took a look at how feedback could be delivered. That led to the discovery of a third way: automating it!

This is the only approach that satisfies Gen Z graduates’ proven desire for quick feedback, without draining your days. By helping employers automate their feedback, Arctic Shores has given more than 2m candidates specific, valuable insight into the behaviours they demonstrated in our assessment. So, even for those who are unsuccessful, the process is one to remember for the right reasons.

Your time is precious – but so is the time candidates invest in applications. It’s about time there was a solution that worked both ways. So automate your feedback, and discover a better hiring experience for everyone.

Tired of the candidate feedback conundrum? The automated insight from our assessment can help. Arrange a call here to discover how.

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