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Does AI make human qualities less relevant than they were before? Hung Lee on the five controversial questions TA teams face

Wednesday 17th January

Does AI make human qualities less relevant than they were before? Hung Lee on the five controversial questions TA teams face

We’re starting 2024 with a bang, as we dive head-on into some of the most controversial questions TA teams must find an answer to this year with Recruiting Brainfood’s Hung Lee. 

Before you switch off, this is not another 2024 trends report. Instead, it’s a thoughtful, deeply considered, scarily accurate deep dive into the reality facing TA teams this January… with some uncomfortable truths that the less disruptive among us might not want to hear.

With a community of more than 60,000 recruiters at his fingertips, if anyone has their finger on the pulse of the reality for TA teams… it’s Hung. 

Join Hung and Robert Newry for episode six of the TA Disruptors podcast for a treasure trove of insights as they dive into the big questions that put TA teams into very uncomfortable ground… 

💥 What does the AI-enabled candidate mean for the future of recruitment and can we really still get away with calling candidate use of GenAI cheating?  

🎪 Is the only answer to battling ‘Mass Apply’ technology to go back to open hiring, what does that mean for social mobility, and are some TA teams seriously considering making getting a job feel as potluck as getting tickets to Glastonbury? 

🧠​ Will AI force a wave of de-skilling? Are human qualities less relevant than they were before? And can we imagine a world in which AI could adopt or replace skills like critical thinking, creativity, and coachability? 

🤖 In a world where TA teams and candidates can take advantage of new tech, what does a world of recruitment look like where we simply have AI talking to AI? Is that scalable, does it offer the same level of accurate screening, and is it even ethical…? 

😱 Is asking the state to mandate how we develop and recruit future talent the only answer to creating a truly equitable hiring process? 

Finally, if you want to hear the hot take that inspired Robert to call “Hung for Prime Minister!” you won’t want to miss this episode. Now that’s an election campaign we can really get behind… 

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