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Hiring for potential: How to transform your volume hiring strategy

Friday 23rd September

Hiring for potential: How to transform your volume hiring strategy

Whether you’re a company looking to grow or are already hiring at volume, you’ll likely be conscious of the many challenges faced within the volume hire process.

Competition for talent is currently at record-breaking heights, even for entry-level roles. As such, recruiting at scale requires an efficient, automated process, which is far more sophisticated than the traditional hiring methods.

At a recent Talent Acquisition Live event hosted by HR Grapevine, a panel of industry experts met to discuss the value of potential-based hiring and the importance in getting volume hiring right.

The panel included our very own CEO and Co-founder, Robert Newry who was joined by Janine Garn, Head of Talent Acquisition and Diversity & Inclusion at Leyton, Charles Rue, Global Head of Recruitment at S&P Global Ratings, and Kieran Howells, Head of Content from HR Grapevine. The panel reflected on their own valuable leadership insights and experiences surrounding volume hiring.

Here’s our key takeaways from the day:

  • The three Es of getting volume hiring right are efficiency, effectiveness and candidate engagement.
  • Diversity is who you are and inclusion is what you do.
  • Transparency and feedback are fundamental in delivering a great candidate experience.
  • Enabling every employee to be their authentic self at work is key to getting their very best.
  • It's time to stop screening candidates with CVs and start using potential-based assessments as the first step in the sift-in process.

Find out more about our potential-based hiring assessment here.

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