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New Report: How students’ use of Generative AI will make traditional selection processes redundant

Wednesday 4th October

New Report: How students’ use of Generative AI will make traditional selection processes redundant

If you don’t know much about ChatGPT or aren’t sure its impact will be as significant as the apparent hyperbole and media frenzy are predicting, think again.

Our new research reveals that 72% of students and candidates are already using some form of generative AI regularly.

👉​ And if this wasn’t shocking enough, almost a fifth of candidates are already using Generative AI to help them fill in job applications or assessments.

The impact of this rapid adoption of Generative AI by the graduate population goes beyond writing CVs and cover letters. With two-thirds of employers using some form of pre-employment testing, Arctic Shores also conducted a comprehensive study on the ability of ChatGPT to complete traditional psychometric assessments commonly used by graduate employers. 

This in-depth report summarises recent Arctic Shores research, with insights and practical recommendations on how to get ahead of the seismic shift in selection that Generative AI will require TA teams to make within 12 months – backed by a survey of 2,000 students and recent graduates, as well as our internal data science-led research with UCL postgraduate researchers.

Download the report to access insight on:

📝​ Why Talent Acquisition and Early Careers teams must rethink their selection process right now.

🤖​ How do 2,000 students and recent graduates use Generative AI – and feel about potential employers’ attitudes to it?

📈 How good is ChatGPT at completing psychometric assessments and how worried should TA leaders be?

💪 What happens next? Next steps for progressive TA leaders adapting their selection process.


Download the report



Download the report







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