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“GenAI makes it EASIER for us to assess skills, not harder" | JLL's Global Talent Sourcing Director, Amanda Pleasant on driving AI adoption

Friday 8th December

“GenAI makes it EASIER for us to assess skills, not harder

Amanda Pleasant is JLL’s Global Talent Sourcing Director. She's responsible for a global team of Sourcers across 80 countries, filling around 30,000 roles a year. And she’s taking every single one of them on a journey to embrace GenAI. 

If you’re wondering how to drive internal transformation, embed a culture of experimentation, and drive the adoption of new tech across a global team, you’ll want to hear what Amanda has to say.  

From inspiring change to getting her team to think more like marketers, to improving the diversity of their talent pools, this episode is full of practical insights you’ll want to action right away.

Join Amanda and Robert Newry for episode five of the TA Disruptors podcast as they discuss…

💡​ How to build people's confidence in experimenting with GenAI and drive widespread adoption

📹​ How to use your internal training mechanisms to take people from feeling fear to getting curious and excited about the possibilities new tech presents for them

📊​ Why JLL built their own version of ChatGPT –– JLL-GPT –– and why it means they’re redefining productivity internally, plus insights into how they’re using their custom-GPT  to remove dull, repetitive tasks and free up their sourcing team to focus on being human

🚀​ How Generative AI actually enables a shift to skills-first hiring, which means you can lower degree requirements, and activate internal mobility.

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