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The opportunities in Tech are endless. Find your potential and then follow your passion.

Wednesday 29th March

The opportunities in Tech are endless. Find your potential and then follow your passion.

Arctic Shores hosted a Student Insights day in collaboration with PwC, CloudCo and Talk Talk. The topic of conversation was the ever-changing world of work and the new opportunities emerging in tech for young people.

The key themes that came out of the day were that potential matters just as much as skills or experience in the world of recruitment, and that potential may also be the secret ingredient for students finding the right organisations to work in and to grow. Arctic Shores, PwC, CloudCo and Talk Talk all were able to share their experiences in business along with gaining a student perspective. There were lots of discussions surrounding the importance of uncovering potential; which includes personality, the candidate’s natural strengths and then finding an organisation that is the right fit for you. 

Hiring for potential is not just about skills and experience, but it’s also about the personality and natural strengths of the candidate which can help to find the right cultural fit for both sides. How do you tell if someone is collaborative and able to work in a fast-paced environment? Arctic Shores can help with this with our behavioural-based assessment. We work with organisations to identify what potential looks like and how it can be measured using tools like our hiring for potential six steps, and our hiring manager guide.

The candidate experience is also a crucial component not just for Arctic Shores but for every organisation at the event. Without it, you will lose talent. The world of work is changing, and candidates are no longer limited to specific employers - loyalty is a thing of the past, and it should no longer be expected. Along with this shift, candidates are looking for companies that celebrate what they bring to work, this means creating a working environment where candidates can be developed to exceed and grow.

Arctic Shores is not the only company changing the world of work. PwC, Cloud Co, and TalkTalk are also doing their part. PwC is part of the Manchester tech community scene, and they understand that skills and personality outside of work can be translated into the world of work. PwCs mission is to reimagine the impossible and Alex Anderson, Senior Manager at PwC discussed her passion for creating a working environment where young people can thrive working in tech and feel like they are achieving their potential. 

Danielle Ramsbottom, CEO at CloudCo discussed her unique journey to setting up her own business and the passion she feels for working in the tech industry. Danielle stressed that an important part of your journey is the hurdles that you will face, but these hurdles give you the opportunity to be and build resilience. The inspiring insights that Danielle shared for the students landed well and her main takeaway was to find your potential, and always take the opportunity to talk passionately about what you enjoy. CloudCo believes that everyone in tech is different and has the ability to problem-solve. They create a working environment where everyone is tech-first, and tech opens so many different opportunities.

TalkTalk who also joined us discussed more on the training that happens after potential and discovering a candidate’s potential, as they’re keen to see people grow and as an organisation, they understand that CVs don't tell the whole story. Ian Turner, Talent Director wants people to be curious and stresses that lifelong learners are the best hires. They believe that technical skills can be trained but that core skills, human skills, and personality are more important as they can’t be trained!

The panel at the North West Consortium Day discussed how technology is changing the world of work. There are now 80,000 tech vacancies in Manchester, and the opportunities are growing. They stressed to the students that working within a tech company is fast-paced, fun, and incredibly rewarding in terms of personal development! If you’re a student you can find out more here.

Discussing the world of work with the next generation of workers is vital, and this event was great to see how organisations are redefining the way they hire by looking at potential over CVs and experience. They are celebrating a new world where you matter more than where you’ve been, and the opportunities are endless in tech! It's up to you to find your potential and follow your passion.

Get in touch today to find out how you can build your future workforce by hiring for potential.

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