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Psychometric tests at a glance

Wednesday 17th June

Psychometric tests at a glance

Psychometric tests have come a long way since the pioneering wartime work conducted decades ago. As you’ve hopefully seen, the field has changed and grown to meet an expanding list of challenges in our daily working lives.

But that’s not to say that the world of psychometrics is at its peak, or that every solution is a viable one for your unique needs. Alongside all the common benefits (like helping combat bias, and providing more transparent candidate data), challenges remain for those continuing to rely on self-report tests. These include faking, and the double-damage of candidate anxiety on test performance and your employer brand. Those that are new to psychometrics may still face barriers to entry without a lengthy, expensive training period.

Remember that these cons equate to new challenges in their own right – a stressful candidate experience can undercut your employer brand, actually making it harder for you to secure top talent. Unchecked faking risks hamstringing your entire process, leading to unsuitable hires. In choosing an outmoded assessment, you might be creating more problems than you solve. 

Of course, providers of such tests have a long track record of valid self-report tests. They may, in some cases, frown upon those pushing the envelope in terms of format, with the likes of AI- and behaviour-based assessment very much the exception to the rule. 

But we hope that this document has given you the tools to make your own judgements – to identify assessments that are simultaneously valid, innovative and effective. Assessments like ours at Arctic Shores.

So you’ve learnt all about psychometrics. Now see what your process could look like if you incorporated our behaviour-based assessment, by arranging a demo here.

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