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Arctic Shores & Equitas join forces in the fight for fairness

Thursday 29th July

Arctic Shores & Equitas join forces in the fight for fairness

Where fair hiring starts and ends

Great hiring starts with how you assess – but it doesn’t end there. Too often, fair, effective processes become the opposite when they get to the interview stage. But why?

From our experience, it’s down to a loss of control. At the interview stage, your process falls into the hands of the hiring manager, and your candidates enter a black box where you have little say in what happens next. That is, until now.

Partnering with Equitas

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Equitas, the video interview software leader, to keep your interviews as fair and effective as your screening. 

Here’s how it works:

With Arctic Shores’ Assessment With Equitas’ video interview software
See your candidates’ truest potential, by capturing their unique behaviour and natural strengths in action Digitise, standardise, and streamline how you interview
Measure only what matters, whether it’s traits like creativity, resilience, or dozens more Capture and instantly transcribe all the audio, for faster, fairer scoring post-interview
See beyond age, ethnicity, gender, background and neurotype Protect against hiring manager gut-feel, and objectively find the right people –no more “lucky or wrong”

A bit more about Equitas:

Equitas wants to put you back in control of your interviews. With their simple software, create templated interviews for your hiring managers, training-free, in just a few minutes. Simply tell Equitas the strengths, behaviours or competencies you value most for the role, add your interview questions, and you’re well on your way to standardised interviews that break open the “black box”, and support diverse, inclusive hiring.

And, by capturing all the interview audio and instantly transcribing it, your hiring managers never need to write notes mid-interview again. Instead, they can score candidates after the interview, fairly and free of distraction, just as the hiring gods intended.

Key Equitas features:

  • Simple setup of templated interviews
  • Automatic transcription of interview audio
  • Simple candidate journey – from email to interview in a couple of clicks
  • Anonymous scoring framework for panel interviews (no “groupthink”!)
  • Dynamic question sets – update your interviews and monitor for adverse impact

Commenting on the new partnership, Equitas’ CEO, Michael Blakley said:

“Equitas exists to bring fairness to hiring. And, just as we’ve designed the fairest way to deliver live interviews, Arctic Shores has done exactly the same with the assessment stage. So I’m excited to work together to remove gut-feel from the entire recruitment process. It’s a partnership with a shared mission – to reduce bias, help employers hire fairly, and make hiring managers’ lives much, much easier.”

And Robert Newry, our CEO at Arctic Shores, added:

“Great hiring is all about seeing potential. But that doesn’t stop at how employers assess. The interview stage is just as important, and, with Equitas at our side, I foresee a partnership that will help new and existing customers find the right people, the right way, easier than ever. By letting them leave instinct and intuition at the door, we’re building a better way to see that all-important potential.”

So, if you’re A) responsible for building diverse, inclusive teams at your organisation, or B) keen to move beyond “black box” interviewing, get in touch with Cal, our Partner Success Manager, here.


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