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Arctic Shores launches new integration with Teamtailor

Wednesday 3rd August

Arctic Shores launches new integration with Teamtailor

The partnership will provide even more opportunities for employers to scrap the CV and embrace new ways of hiring.

We are thrilled to announce our latest integration with TeamTailor. This will allow employers to seamlessly leverage our industry-leading personality and intelligence assessments through TeamTailor, giving even more teams access to the most effective way of hiring for potential. 

The integration will allow recruiters to automatically invite, assess, and screen candidates from within Teamtailor’s platform. And the candidate experience is just as smooth, with one-click login, right from the invitation email.

The partnership marks an important milestone in our mission to discover potential and give employers the means to see it.  Recent research revealed that 67% of employers believe that hiring for experience reduces the size and diversity of their talent pool. Yet 68% of respondents still use CVs as their first method for screening experienced hires. 

What’s the reason for this contradiction? A perceived lack of alternatives.

In fact, two-thirds of respondents were blocked by a lack of viable replacements, hiring manager objections, and a lack of time and resources. 

Removing the CV feels like ‘hard work' for many, with the perception that there are no viable alternatives. 

As a result, less than a third of employers use psychometric assessments in their hiring processes. This finding is interesting because traditional personality and intelligence assessments have been around for decades. The problem is that they don’t provide a score against a profile of success in the role and candidates are put off by answering loads of repetitive questions.

That’s exactly why our behaviour-based assessment asks no questions at all. Instead, candidates show their unique qualities in real-time, through a series of online tasks. Three in four candidates find this to be less stressful than traditional tests. And we have a 96% completion rate. 

Now, Teamtailor customers can benefit from our pioneering assessment without ever leaving the platform - giving even more people the tools they need to select for potential and unlock a wider pool of talent.

Key benefits of integration:

  • More insight, less waste: No more switching between platforms. Invite candidates to take our assessment, see their score, and progress or reject them directly from Teamtailor.
  • No more manual screening: Automatically invite candidates to take our assessment when certain conditions are met. And then automatically move them to the next stage if they score above a certain number.
  • Speed up your high-volume sifting: Filter candidates based on their assessment scores. Then perform actions on groups of candidates. Send an email, progress, reject - whatever comes next, save time by doing it in bulk.

Plus, with Teamtailor’s ads platform, modular careers pages and instant messenger, you can brand your process from attraction to application, to support. And then, with Arctic Shores’ platform, you can brand the assessment experience too. For a process that’s unmistakably tailored to you, and guarantees the best candidate experience.

In the words of Robert Newry, Arctic Shores’ CEO and Co-Founder: 

“Our vision for Arctic Shores has always been to reveal every candidate’s potential and level the playing field. And where better for recruiters to see that potential than in their ATS?
Like us, Teamtailor believes in a fairer and better experience for both candidates and recruiters - which is why this integration will give even greater access to employers looking to move beyond the skills crisis and hire for potential.”


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