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Arctic Shores Partner Spotlight: Facthum

Wednesday 21st October

Arctic Shores Partner Spotlight: Facthum

Since coming on board with us over two years ago, Madrid-based Facthum have helped their clients discover the power of behaviour-based assessments. 

We’ve interviewed Rodrigo Ropero, Facthum’s HR Consultant, to find out more. 

Hi Rodrigo, we’re really happy to be interviewing you about the work that you do at Facthum! Can you tell us a little bit about what Facthum does?

Facthum is an HR consultancy company based in Spain. We are part of a wider group called We’ll (who have their HQ in France) so we have a good presence in both of those countries as well as in Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile and Perú among others.

We specialise in multiple areas of HR such as assessment, learning and development, technology, and HR consultancy. 

Why did you start working with Arctic Shores?

We started working with Arctic Shores over two years ago. When we decided to implement this new way of assessing talent. We were looking for a partner that would be supportive, but also have a solution backed by science. 

Because of this, Arctic Shores was the best fit for us to offer our solutions to the market. 

How was the onboarding experience? 

The onboarding process was very easy and collaborative. 

Initially, we had a really good training session but even afterwards the communication was great, and we were given all the tools we needed to work together as a team.

What do you enjoy the most about working with us?

In short, I always feel like I am working with part of my own team! 

We have established a way of working together, using different tools and communication sources. This makes it really simple and straightforward to tackle problems or share critical information – even with other partners who are working with the same clients in other regions. 

What have some of your key successes been?

I love how we have started working with new clients that we wouldn’t have previously been able to, with just the traditional people solutions. 

Another thing is that in some projects we combine the Arctic Shores behaviour-based solution with traditional methods to find new ways of managing talent.

For example, in one of our first projects, we used the Arctic Shores psychometric assessment to rank the best candidates, who were then passed onto another specific tool for leadership development.

How has working with us helped you and your customers achieve your goals?

Arctic Shores has helped us to be disruptive and helped our customers who were seeking out new and innovative ways of assessing their candidates. 

They love that they can offer a great candidate experience, whilst benefiting from the power of neuroscience and data.

Finally, what’s next on your journey with Arctic Shores?

We’re trying to build an ecosystem between Arctic Shores and other solutions in the market that can complement the behaviour-based assessments, such as ATS’ and video interview platforms. This will allow Facthum to help more companies achieve their goals, and help us to achieve our goals of becoming more present globally.

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