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Arctic Shores & RoboRecruiter: A partnership for more scalable screening

Wednesday 3rd February

Arctic Shores & RoboRecruiter: A partnership for more scalable screening

Here’s two home truths: 

  1. Application volumes are growing. Fast. 
  2. Your free time, sadly, isn’t.

These add up to a world where recruiters (perhaps like yourself) are spending more and more of their precious time on low-value work. Low-value work they’d rather not do – think prescreening, compliance checks and interview scheduling.

This sorry situation is neither scalable, nor fun. So we’ve partnered with RoboRecruiter to change it. 

A perfect match

With this partnership, we set ourselves a goal: 

Getting truly impressive candidates, from application to interview, in just one hour. We know – punchy. But here’s how it works:

Step 1: Let RoboRecruiter’s wide range of automation tools handle every application you get, and accurately qualify your basic needs.

Step 2: Establish every candidate’s behavioural fit, using Arctic Shores’ behaviour-based assessment. 

Step 3: Give great candidates the tools to schedule their own interview. Then, watch all the data land happily in your ATS. Simple.

The benefits of both

RoboRecruiter and Arctic Shores aren’t just firm friends. We’re now fully connected and integrated:

  • RoboRecruiter automatically invites your candidates to our assessment. You don’t need to do anything.  
  • Their invite goes straight to their phone via SMS. Super fast, super simple.
  • With RoboRecruiter’s ATS integration, Arctic Shores’ customers can get started immediately, while saving up to £15k in costs. Now that’s a wise investment. 

Time to do what you do best

It’s hard to succeed if you’ve got no time. By taking on the low value work that holds recruiters back, Arctic Shores & RoboRecruiter are putting the hours back in their hands.

Let us deliver the most suitable candidates in 60 minutes. So you can do what you do best.

Keen to learn more? We’re happy to help.

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